☕ Java 20: Ruy López Sequence Is About To Be Executed

Tom Smykowski
6 min readMar 26, 2023

With the 20 release, Oracle continues it’s massive Ruy López sequence destined to place Java as the go-to language of the AI-age.

Oracle released Java 20 several days ago. Let’s look what are the most aspects of this release.

Java 19 Rehearsal

Java 20 comes after a game changing Java 19 release made in September. My article about Java 19 got a whooping number of 1100 claps. It got also some interesting comments, I like the one from Kamil Jed the most:

It came with a progress most importantly in these three areas:

  • Structured task scopes for concurrency
  • Simplified conditional record casting for faster type checking and casting
  • Virtual threads for reducing resource utilization by thread intense systems like servers

Among other movements like fourth incubation of vector API.



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