☕ Java 20: Ruy López Sequence Is About To Be Executed

Tom Smykowski
6 min readMar 26, 2023

With the 20 release, Oracle continues it’s massive Ruy López sequence destined to place Java as the go-to language of the AI-age.

Oracle released Java 20 several days ago. Let’s look what are the most aspects of this release.

Java 19 Rehearsal

Java 20 comes after a game changing Java 19 release made in September. My article about Java 19 got a whooping number of 1100 claps. It got also some interesting comments, I like the one from Kamil Jed the most:

It came with a progress most importantly in these three areas:

  • Structured task scopes for concurrency
  • Simplified conditional record casting for faster type checking and casting
  • Virtual threads for reducing resource utilization by thread intense systems like servers

Among other movements like fourth incubation of vector API.

The bar was raised high. Is Java 20 also revolutionary? Does the Java team plan to slow down? Let’s see.

Read To The End For A Bonus!

Just before we go further. Experimental and incubation means features are very early in the process. Preview means a feature is implemented and documented, should not change too much. After several rounds of preview a feature goes to production becoming a living part of the official Java.

📄 1. Record Patterns

Record Patterns reached second preview.

With record pattern you can check if variable has the same fields as a provided Record type. Moreover you can remap and rename the Record.



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