Java 19 Is A Game Changer

Tom Smykowski
3 min readSep 21, 2022

Users of Java programming language can celebrate. After LTS 17, the new version offers concise and easy to use solutions for problems other languages ignore or struggle with.

1. Concurrency 🚄🚄🚄

A new formation called a structured task scope indicates a piece of code that handles concurrency. The approach to concurrency makes it super clear how code will behave, and moreover keeps the code clear and easy to read:

It is awesome, but I left the best part for the end, so read further!

2. Simplified conditional record casting 🦓

A preview for record patterns feature available in Java 19 introduces a new syntax to check against a type, and cast it in one line:

Also, a third preview for pattern matching for switch expressions and statements made it to this release.

These changes are amazing, but that one will blow your mind!

3. Virtual threads 🧵

Real threads on any given operating system are intense and take up a lot of resources. Newest Java introduces a preview for an alternative that should dramatically improve handling concurrent operations by servers. These are called virtual threads:

Other changes in Java 19:

  • foreign function and memory API
  • fourth incubation of vector API

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