🐍 🎂 Happy Birthday Python! You 32yo Bada**!

Tom Smykowski
5 min readFeb 19, 2023

Python is with us for 32 years. Check out some interesting facts, stories and a birthday poem for Python’s birthday!

🐣 21 Messages Of The Revalation

32 years ago, on 20th February 1991 Python made it’s first appearance. Let’s look how far the programming language created Guido van Rossum went.

The first Python source code was published by Guido on the very day on the Usenet alt.sources newsgroup.

For the younger audience Usenet is a precursor of Telegram. It’s free and decentralized like Mastodon, and allows people to exchange text messages on thousands of newsgroups.

The alt.sources is one of such newsgroups specifically created to publish interesting snippets of code. Guido’s post was one of hundreds. I wonder if Usenet readers noticed at that time, that very post will mark an important day in the history of programming and technology.

This is how Guido described his creation:

This is Python, an extensible interpreted programming language that Xcombines remarkable power with very clear syntax.

Python can be used instead of shell, Awk or Perl scripts, to write prototypes of real applications, or as an extension language of large systems, you name it.

The announcement of Python 0.9.1 was split into 21 Usenet messages and released after two years since Guido started to develop it.

Now, it’s everywhere. Let’s look at some notable accomplishments of the PY!

🔭 Python Gives Us AI, Car Autpilots And Earliest Photos Of The Universe

To say Python is everywhere is too little. GPT-2, and most likely GPT-3 is written in Python. You know, the AI chatbot everyone is talking about.

Also, the OpenPilot relies heavily on Python. It is an open source autopilot for a range of cars.

NASA relies on Python apps to process and handle data from James Webb telescope giving us the unique chance to see how the Universe looked like just after The Big Bang.



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