🐍 5 Awesome Python Projects People Don’t Know About

Tom Smykowski
3 min readDec 14, 2022

Let’s take a look at some remarkable project written in Python!

1 Twitter Archive Parser

The recent turmoil around Twitter has made people more interested in keeping their activity from this social networking site.

While Twitter allows you to export your activity, it tries to make it useless by providing links to your photos that stop working when you delete your account. Or reducing their quality. It also replaces shared links with shortened ones, which will stop working whenever Twitter wants.

Twitter Archive Parser aims at fixing what Twitter broke. It grabs high quality images, frees the links from the URL shortener vulnerability and more. It is written in Python.

2 OpenCLIP

Two years ago, OpenAI announced a new AI called CLIP that can better recognize objects in photos. OpenCLIP is an open source Python implementation of this method that is even better in some cases.

3 AutoCut

AutoCut is an application written in Python that you will love if you record videos. When you record a video and you say something wrong, you repeat the line and later in post-production you remove the defective part. AutoCut makes it easy.

Well, this brilliant system recognizes speech and generates a file with subtitles. Then you can open this file and delete selected fragments. When you restart the application, it recognizes which lines you cut and cuts the specified part from the recording as well.

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