Why There Are No New Articles?

Tom Smykowski
2 min readJun 15, 2024

You may wonder why I don’t write new articles lately. It’s a great question because for two years I wrote an article almost every day about programming and tech.

There are multiple reasons for that. None of these is anything major, but they all contribute to the fact I lately don’t write.

So first reason is that I don’t have motivation to do it. I’ve asked in latest articles for claps, shares, likes and follows, and got some rude comments I shouldn’t do it.

So currently nothing motivates me to write. To be honest for last articles I earn like 2–3 dollars. So financially it doesn’t make sense. It is now where near any bare minimum for hours of work.

Comments motivated me but these also occur rarely lately.

Of course it’s not like in writing you have to rely on external motivation. I write because I like to share things I learn.

But lately I don’t have too much time for that and frankly I rather sleep than spend that hour or two to write an article.

The final reason is that I feel victim to my own writing. You see, in my last article I’ve covered shattered pixel dungeon game.

This roguelike game is awesome and I play in it with devotion. Didn’t have so much fun for a long time.

Also there are other private reasons I don’t write. But I won’t share these of course.



Tom Smykowski

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