🤔 Why Nobody Reads Your Coding Articles?

Tom Smykowski
4 min readMar 18, 2023

You may have noticed that my articles are extremely popular and a lot of software engineers follow me. Exactly, now, 3400.

But I am not here to only brag, but also give you some insight into what you can do, when you also write about programming to get more reads.

To write this article I was inspired by the hate that sometimes occurs due to my articles. Usually in a shape of pointing out how bad is my english and that AI generates my articles.

I am writing for a long. I’ve started my first coding blog long before I’ve started to study computer science. So I’d say longer than 16 years.

I am telling you this because I’ve heard way worse insults over this time (especially when I was writing about operating systems) and being compared to machine or pointing out I am not privileged to use English as my first language isn’t even scratching the surface.

I’ve learned that haters gather when you are doing something good. And if you will pay close attention it is true. The several hate comments I got came from people who were public about they writing about the same topic and hating people don’t read their articles.

Haters gonna be haters.

But setting them apart, there are among you some very talented people who write interesting in-depth articles about subjects I cover too from the surface.

I know how frustrating it is you put a lot of effort into writing and no one reads it. I’ve been there.

I’ve learned something about it from the contacts I had with people who read my articles that may change your perspective on the views, likes etc.

If you write about programming and you get five views, you may be dissapointed. But these five people who read your article means you helped five people. Maybe you found a solution for some specific problem they were struggling with, or wrote in depth about something no one covered properly.

These five people had a really bad day, and you stood up and spent your private time to help them out. Since they read your article, they could not find anyone else that helped them. You did it!



Tom Smykowski

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