The Creative Combo Method (CCM)

Tom Smykowski
6 min readJul 29, 2022

I know a lot of you think about projects, or try to start one already. But how to come up with a great idea? I have a framework for that I call The Creative Combo Method, and today I will share it with you. It allowed to me to start a lot of successful projects. Stay tuned, because this article can transform your life.

During our education and in work we are primed to think about improvement as to fixing the things we are worst at. It is the single biggest attitude flaw that we are poisoned with from early childhood. In the school no one notices you are excellent at mathematics, and offers you additional ways to grow. Instead, everyone will focus on the lowest note in your index, that you should focus on. That attitude has flaws.

Foremost, it teaches us all that being good at something, and bad at something else is bad. What is good, is to be average on everything. You don’t have to excel at anything, you just have to be average. Moreover, your passions don’t matter, and you should stop being passionate, and focus on lining up to the average on the things you don’t like. It is the first flaw of the attitude.

Passion drives everything that is good in this world. Einstein was awful at language and biology in his early education. He could be average, but he decided to focus on what he was passionate about.

You will notice, that as you think about your plans for education, or work, you will almost certainly think about what you are bad at, and you have to improve it! Please just remind yourself of your last planning session, or what you are planning to do. Isn’t it that way? I see a lot of coding adepts that share their thoughts on Twitter saying: yeah, I will work on Python, because I am awful at it.

We all really assumed it is the right way to move forward with anything. You have to become perfectly average on everything to move forward! But it is not true. You will never become perfectly average on everything, and there is a good reason for it.

You won’t because there is too much of things to learn in life, to become average in everything. Secondly, you won’t have the passion necessary to pursue it. But there is a way!

The way that a lot of successful people use, and the one I use for my projects. Specifically I use the Creative Combo Method that helps me choose projects and things I will work on. Let me share you a story.

Tom Smykowski

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