The Complete Guide To Build A Successful Design System PART 1

Tom Smykowski
9 min readFeb 18, 2024
Photo by ThisIsEngineering /Pexels

Various apps that look and feel different? Hard time to ensure consistency across teams? Design system can help you. In this part of the new series you’ll learn about the benefits and how desing systems are built

The Digital Surface As A Part Of Business

The evolutionary character of all companies specifically including startups means that often systems and apps are built separately by various teams serving specific needs of employees, business partners or clients and customers.

It gives a company the flexibility needed to adjust to the market needs and develop software lining up with the business requirements of the market momentum.

Eventually some of the software is discontinued because the need for it disappeared, or become one of the major pillars of the enterprise.

On that state a systematic review of the software estate usually concludes that all of these building blocks, while occurred to be successful, don’t align well.

One of the most visible aspect of it that I observe while working with companies is that user interfaces of software build…



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