🔮 Swift 5.8 Release: You Can Use Future Features Now

Tom Smykowski
5 min readMar 13

Swift 5.8 was released some time ago, so let's look at the most interesting changes that can improve your code quality

In this comprehensive article, I will take a closer look at updates and improvements that Swift 5.8 brings to the table and delineate how they can significantly benefit developers in their programming endeavors.

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So, buckle up and get ready to discover how Swift 5.8 is taking programming to the next level.

💪 Extend The Availability To Prior Releases

The implementation of your codebase just got a lot more versatile. Introducing the @backDeployed(before:) attribute, which allows you to extend the functionality of a function to older operating system releases that did not originally include it as part of the Application Binary Interface (ABI).

To illustrate this, let’s consider a scenario where a struct named Temperature is introduced in a macOS Software Development Kit(SDK) in macOS 12.

Later, in macOS 13, the framework author decides to add a new property called degreesFahrenheit to the struct. This can now be easily done using @backDeployed as shown in the code below.

The framework author can now make this new declaration available to applications with a minimum deployment target of macOS 12 by adding the @backDeployed attribute to degreesFahrenheit. Even though macOS 13 and later are the only versions that have degrees Fahrenheit’s ABI entry point, this is nevertheless accomplished.

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🌊 Collection Downcasts In Cast Patterns

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