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5 languages talks

Hello there. The Summon The JSON project started to get a little bit of an attention. Currently i am talking with multiple people from all around the world to translate JS deck to different languages.

For starters i received interest in German, Spanish, Arabic and Polish. With these done, it would be 5 done, 280 to go. It’s a great start.

Support STJ for 1 dollar / month

Also i have updated my Patreon page. Currently there is one tier for 1 dollar a month. By choosing it, you pay me 1 dollar each month, and you can call yourself a supporter of Summon The JSON. Isn’t it great? Go check it out!

JS deck update

Also after my i have played with my friends on Christmas it occurred there are two things to change in the deck:

  1. Two turns per round is too little to cast a lots of card combinations. For example these requiring a food. So, there will be an update to the rules, and there will be 3 (three) turns per round.
  2. Some of the cards with no point values, have also no super powers. It rendered these cards useless. Now these cards will have a superpower: +1 to a hero card. (Hero card is a card with a power of 11).

Buy now

Changes mentioned above are already added to the deck. So you can buy the deck now!

Thank you

There are so many people i would like to thank for the support. But i can not do it at once, because there is so much going on. So today i wanted to send special thanks to two persons: Alex, Fla, Marcus, Ana and Rob. Thanks!

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