Summon The JSON status update

Tom Smykowski
3 min readJan 19, 2021

Last status update about the project was published 29th of October 2020. A lot of things happened during these three months. Since JavaScript deck was already done, I have started to work on Python, Java, C# and PHP decks. First these were available in pre-sale and later in a regular sales. Now they can be bought right away.

I have published a new video with deck artwork:

And started to work on a new product page design for my online store with Blender. It was taught:

But eventually started to become easier. At the end I have also recorded a Behind The Scenes video showing how the new render was made:

With the final render for JavaScript looking like more or less like this:

Also, there was a fall photoshoot of JS deck:

And also some videos:

Also, I have started to share some cad designs for example for PHP:

Motivated by early success with Blender I have made a new render featuring all decks available:

Tom Smykowski

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