Summon The JSON status update

Last status update about the project was published 29th of October 2020. A lot of things happened during these three months. Since JavaScript deck was already done, I have started to work on Python, Java, C# and PHP decks. First these were available in pre-sale and later in a regular sales. Now they can be bought right away.

I have published a new video with deck artwork:

And started to work on a new product page design for my online store with Blender. It was taught:

But eventually started to become easier. At the end I have also recorded a Behind The Scenes video showing how the new render was made:

With the final render for JavaScript looking like more or less like this:

Also, there was a fall photoshoot of JS deck:

And also some videos:

Also, I have started to share some cad designs for example for PHP:

Motivated by early success with Blender I have made a new render featuring all decks available:

So there was a lot of creative work to finish decks and showcase them. Eventually I took one occasion and set up a discount code for Cyber Monday. It went normal, like usual.

And then some amazing things started to happen…

Clive Thompson wrote an article about Summon The JSON in the famous BoingBoing e-zine.

It was just amazing to feel the project was recognized!

But it was not all! Oh no!

Jeff Atwood shared the post on his Twitter account!!!!

Summon The JSON JavaScript placed as the 3rd Top Trending card game on Product Hunt:

And Python deck reached the front page of Hacker News:

I am so grateful it happened, and really happy so many people get the idea behind Summon The JSON! I have earlier shared some financial details about the project. So if you are interested, STJ surprisingly reached BEP in December when sales started to skyrocket:

If you want to find out about Summon The JSON check out the official store, and follow for more updates!

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