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For everyone who is interested in the progress of the Summon the JSON: JavaScript memorization deck.

Last days i have spent talking with James about how to improve english used for cards. He provided a lots of great feedback. After it i have applied new pieces of text into cards to see how does it look like. And it looks amazing. And most importantly, people who know english, or are native speakers, won’t be hurt by the translations i have made. There was a lots of mistakes. I think 10 of 58 cards were properly written in english. And i am not shocked. I have learned english for 13 years and using it for 20 years to communicate in the IT world from people around the world. But its very different to be able to talk in a language, and to write 100% correct sentences. Never aimed for this personally, since the level i know is enough for my needs. But i think if already i make a deck, why not to make sure it wont have spelling mistakes, grammar ones etc.

Currently we discuss with James 2 cards, and after this, this phase will be finished. And basically at this point work on the core part of the deck has ended. What is next is some marketing, technical, graphical and gaming issues to take care of.

So. I need to design a box for cards. Because the deck will come in a box. But i wonder how big the box should be. Primarly i thought only about a deck of cards. But the more i think about playing with them, the more i see some additional items needed. Instruction, some round clips, etc. And the more stuff, the bigger the box.

Also, i still struggle with deciding if i should go with minimal game, where only cards are needed, or something more advanced with complicated rules etc. And i desperately need an idea for it , and make decisions since, from today, it will stall everything. Also, i start to learn to feel comfortable about the fact, i will make a lots of bad decisions here. Its my first game and chances are, i will fail with the game system.

So much fun! :)

So this is the state of affair for now.

I was thinking what you can do to help me. And there are some ways! Every feedback from you of course helps, because i am a human being. I like to know what i do is useful. But also you can support me in other way.

If you consider buying an online course on Udemy, you can use this link. I will get a share for sale that way, and you don’t loose anything.

And if you are talking polish language and want to buy a book, ebook or video course in polish language about programming etc., you can use this link. I will get a share, and you won’t loose anything either.

(I hope this is not against Medium rules. Otherwise i am doomed.)

And this is all i figured out for now. I don’t know Medium enough, but maybe you can subscribe or something to my posts here if you want to be updated about the progress.

Oh and last thing, there is a Facebook page for Summon The JSON. Go check it out. It contains links to this medium currently but will also provide updates on the deck development.

Have a good day, take care!

Senior software development consultant. Programming for 20 years. TOP 2% of StackOverflow users. 2 million views on Quora. Currently Angular, TypeScript etc

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