Summon The JSON status update

As you may know a year ago I have started to work on a card game / flashcards for programmers. It took a quite of a while to finish it.

The design, proofreading of the deck. Than testing with family and friends with the first prototype.

After Javascript, another deck for Python. I am proud of it, because it allowed me to make more popular culture connections and add even more humour into the deck.

Of it comes to other activities these took also a lots of time: setting up a online store, finding out how to set it up, how to deliver decks worldwide and have the highest quality.

Later on I have sent some decks to famous programmers that tested them. And everyone was amazed. So it was a good sign.

Up until now there is still no official campaign of the deck, so to day. So sales mostly come from word of mouth. Results are very promising.

It is very exciting. Still have some things to do around the store and other stuff. It all takes so much time, never thought of that. With 0,5 hour a day it is hard to do more.

But luckily a manufacture in Wisconsin takes care of production and delivery. They have years of experience and it's great working with them. They can ship a deck in one day, what is a great result!

Btw. There is a new series of JS tips shared here. So stay tuned for more.

You can check it out available decks here:

Thank you for your support ❤️

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