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As you know for some time now i work on Summon The JSON JavaScript memorization deck.

First of all, i have all cards in place. So graphics are adjusted. There are 58 cards. When i finished it it was in polish language. But decided i would need to go for english language so more users can potentially enjoy them.

I have noticed descriptions of cards are also boring. So i made them more connected with images for each card. Here is an example after change:

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Also, since english is not my native language i had to find a translator willing to proofread and correct it. And i have found James. Who is english native speaker, lives in Poland, has a great deal of expertise, and is also working in IT!

He provided a lots of great feedback that will improve texts even more. And also, correct mistakes i made. I think he got a little bit excited with the project because he started to work it earlier than expected. It would be in like 3 weeks from now, than in weekend and it occured he started to work on it right away today.

He’s calling me and sending emails and asks a lots of helpful questions that lead to improving the quality of descriptions. I am very enthusiastic about the result. Especially since overall i am a little bit tired by this project. It takes longer than expected, and really, i didn’t plan to go such lengths with it. So it gave me some motivation to continue the project.

But since i got a lots of great feedback from Software Developers i just push the concept forward to see what happens next.

And next milestone is ahead. As you can see the card does not have elements of a game, and currently it is true, i don’t have an idea for pro game for 2 people with these cards. And i don’t want to make it too complicated. Honestly i am a little bit stuck in this place.


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