Summon The JSON challenge: translate JavaScript Deck to your language!

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Summon The JSON challange

There are over 2500 spoken languages on the world. Solely Wikipedia has 285 language versions. So this is a lots! Is it possible to translate a deck of cards for programmers to 285 languages?

Hello, my name is Tomasz Smykowski. I am the creator of the Summon The JSON JavaScript Deck. And now, i need your help to reach the next milestone for the project.

Let’s translate it to 285 languages. Is this possible? I don’t know. But we can try and see! This is the Summon The JSON challenge!

Summon The JSON JavaScript deck is a deck of 68 cards. Cards have a function name, illustration and a funny way to describe what it does, to make it easier to memorize them:

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Summon The JSON card overview

Also, as you can see, cards have powers and superpowers. It’s not a accident. Because cards can be also be used to play a game. With one deck for up to 4 people. Actually you don’t need to be a programmer to play the game, but you can learn a little bit while playing. Learning rules takes 45 seconds, and the game is a lots of fun!

So yes, lets translate this deck to 285 languages, so that people speaking Indonesian, Swahilii, Basque or Telugo can also enjoy it, even if they don’t know english language very well.

Is it hard to translate to 285 languages? Is it a goal hard to achive? Yes. Actually only 2 books were translated to higher number of languages. That is Pinocchio and The Little Prince. One to over 300 languages, and second to 300 languages. So the challange is pretty hard.

But we can do it. There are also benefits for translators who will decide to participate in the project:

  1. Your name will appear in the store with the game with your description and links you like to add, and also in the deck itself
  2. You will be able to buy first deck with a very high discount. Actually you will just pay for production and shipping
  3. You will gain the ultimate glory of participating in Summon The JSON project!

How to participate? It’s easy:

  1. Download a ZIP file with all texts needed to be translated from here: the ZIP with texts to be translated [DOWNLOAD]

2. Send me translated files to

Voila! It’s like 65 sentences of cards, 4 pages of poker card size instruction text and some additional texts. Not a lots of it.

We can do it! The deck translated to most number of languages on the world! Will you accept the challenge?

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Senior software development consultant. Programming for 20 years. TOP 2% of StackOverflow users. 2 million views on Quora. Currently Angular, TypeScript etc

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