Storybook.js — The Story Of Not Today

Tom Smykowski
4 min readFeb 25, 2024

In the story of Storybook.js everything is both regular and unusual at the same time

Storybook is currently widely known as a tool to prototype, build and test design systems and components.

It’s downloaded whooping 3 million times per week! But Storybook wasn’t destined to reach it. Actually, it’s more likely for it to die eight years ago.

It’s the story how everything in life is possible.

It’s 2016. Arunoda Susiripala is running his project called Kadira, a startup to monitor Meteor apps, with colleagues.

The times in Sri Lanka were thought but Kadira is quite steady in these circumstances. Everything goes well, there are clients and the business is working.

Arunoda, who bootstrapped Kadira, liked to build great user interfaces. That’s partially why Kadira was so successful. But he noticed how annoying it is to actually iterate over them.

To see a component in a given state, he had to navigate through the app to replicate the specific setting so he could improve the component displayed.

Actually at that time a lot of frontend developers had the same problem and was trying various things to fix it. They built personal projects, or exposed demo…



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