STJ: JavaScipt sales close in 5 days!

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STJ get a lots of likes!

It’s amazing! I have just posted one card. One card! On 2 Facebook groups for JavaScript developers and got 136 LIKES for it! With 0 dollars spending on advertising or anything.

It’s just 136 developers who decided it’s so awesome to give it a like (or love, or haha, since the card is hilarious!).

I love how software developers get the idea of the deck in second. It just clicks!

Also, a lot of people share cards, comment on them. I love it!

Just read some of the comments about cards:

Francesco wrote:

Usually, it is easier to remember concepts by images, rather than text samples. It might not be right for everyone, but for most people, it is. That’s why a movie is usually easier to remember, and lasts only a few minutes, whereas its book counterpart could be a massive thing with hundreds or thousands of pages. The book could be (and it is) much more accurate and detailed, but the movie is much more immediate and more comfortable to remember. The same applies to static images, more or less.



This is awesome!


I will buy this pack.



And these are just some of the comments I get here on Facebook. But also a lot on LinkedIn.

I don’t know if I can say the company name, but you all know this company. It’s all over the news lately. So a lead developer of a UI team in this company, Luc, wrote, he will use the deck to recruit people:

Excellent idea! I will use them in printed cards to interview Junior engineers.

I love the broad enthusiastic response from the JavaScript community. But I have also reached out to programming educators to know what they think about it. And here it is:


I believe they are more than perfect, Mr. Tomasz, and its a powerful and helpful education tool, in my opinion!

Yousef is a computer science instructor!


In my opinion, it kicks ass!

Marcin is a Principal Engineer, a Team Lead, and Bootcamp Teacher!

Kyle wrote:

Nice job, keep up the good work

Kyle is a world know JavaScript expert.

And all of the above is just an example. So you can see how fantastic response Summon The JSON deck gets.

Visits to the store spiked in last days and surpassed 2000! And again, to keep in mind, I spent 0 $$ on marketing (except one experiment with Facebook Ads).

To sum it up for all my posts with cards until now, I got hundreds of reactions, and 2000 visits for 0 $$. The deck is incredible, and people recognize it! I love it and expect to sell a lot of decks until sales close!

If you don’t know what Summon The JSON: JavaScript deck is. Here is a piece of information for you. STJ: JavaScript is a huge card deck that allows you to play a game with up to 3 of your friends. No one needs to know JavaScript to do it. You can use the deck also to learn JavaScript, or memorize it!

The JavaScript deck will be available only for 5 days until the 23rd of February. It is because I prepare to launch the sales of Python deck soon.

So if you want to buy it, don’t wait too long. You can buy the deck for 32,99$ here:

And follow Summon The JSON on Facebook!

Share so every JavaScript enthusiast can buy the deck!

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Senior software development consultant. Programming for 20 years. TOP 2% of StackOverflow users. 2 million views on Quora. Currently Angular, TypeScript etc

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