Since March has already started, it is time to provide information about the financial state of Summon The JSON project. You can make you familiar with the previous report here.

Long story short here is the current status:

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As you can see, I have added new spendings into a column called “2”. In the previous report, there was missing the money I spent on prototypes (43 dollars).

In February I spent 24 dollars for Grammarly (its monthly fee). I am very happy with this software. It helps me correct mistakes made in English. Since it’s not my native language. Game text will be eventually checked by a native proofreader, but for all other stuff, it’s great. For example for posts like this one.

Also, as you can see, I have bought 10 barcodes. This is how the barcode presents on the back cover of an upcoming Python deck:

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Maybe you wonder why it is so important to have a barcode. As it seems, Amazon and game shops won’t sell a game without a proper barcode. After some research, I have decided to go with GS1 to get mine codes. There are many other companies that provide barcodes. But there are a lot of mixed signals what codes are good and what are not. So I went with a company most people go with. It cost me 35 dollars for 10 barcodes for 1 year. So I can develop, after JS and Python, 8 games without buying more.

As it comes to the sales, in February I have practically didn't advertise the JS deck. Spending 0 $ on ads. And sales increased from 150 do 250 dollars. So it’s good.

So I am -58$ now. A similar result as in the previous month. What are the plans for the future?

JavaScript deck sales closed. Soon a Python deck will be published. One spending will be a proofreading service. It will cost 104 dollars. And second is licenses for assets. These will cost approx. 800 dollars for unlimited usage (for all future decks). This gives a grand total of 904 dollars.

So this is a lot of money I don’t have. And honestly, I don’t have any idea for now, what to do about it.

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