STJ Financial State February 2020

Some of you know that lately, I am working to create decks of cards for people to catch the bug of programming. There is a ready-printed deck for JavaScript everyone can buy. Also, I have opened a Facebook page for the project, where I share more details about the progress. And a subreddit because Facebook is Facebook.

Currently, I am working on a Python deck. And it is almost finished. Also, I have talked lately with some famous programming teachers and book authors to see what they think about the concept. The response is excellent, and a lot of people confirm the idea is suitable for young people to catch the bug for programming.

So a lot of things going on. And I wondered what I could share with you, that may be interesting about the project. Since the project is mine, I can share anything I want. After browsing a lot of exciting articles about designing printed games, I think I found something you probably didn’t read before. And something that can be very interesting. Especially if you’d like to design your own game, or to know what is the reality behind the hype.

So the idea is to share with you, publicly, what does it cost to design such a game. What is the outcome currently? Since it’s not a mystery, the project is not only to have fun but also to earn money. Because it needs to, so I can work on this more, and pay for services required to make it possible. And it’s all costs. It will also be interesting to see how the project grows by just looking at the financial outcome. It seems no one before revealed such stuff!

So down to the detail. Here is a summary of costs and income from the start of the project:

Image for post
Image for post

So as you can see until 1.02.2020, I have spent 98 dollars on assets. I still have two high-quality artwork to buy inside this price. One I will use for Python deck. And another for another pack of cards. But it was not only these assets at this price. For the next pack of cards, I need to buy some more licenses.

I have also spent 77 dollars for proofreading to have the deck in a proper English language (compared to my writing that is not proofread to cut costs, sorry)

Also, I have made some Facebook Ads testing. I didn’t sell any deck from these ads. So this money was wasted.

The summary does not include my work that included designing the deck, copywriting, programming (some tools to make it easier to create a deck), and marketing (some graphics design tasks and posting, commenting, etc.)

So as for now, I spend 55 dollars more than I have earned.

It’s not a bad result for the starters. Especially since there is no “real” marketing going on. Still, no one writes about the deck, etc.

As you can see, I have also set up a goal for the project. So the goal is to earn 100 000 dollars solely in December 2020, to sum up, the outcome for the whole 2020 to 200 000 dollars. A lot of money! And it means I would need to sell approximately 20 000 decks this year. What, I think, is possible.

Update 3.02.2020

Costs do not include $43 spent on ordering prototype of the deck and a booster pack (now there are no booster packs, the deck is complete). It included production and delivery from the US to Poland.

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