💎 Ruby 3.2.0 Is From Another Dimension

I don’t know what you were doing on 25th of December 2022. I was eating pierogis, while Ruby team did some epic sh***!

Tom Smykowski
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Update: The article was read by 12 000 Ruby enthusiasts. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the number of over 200 claps and the positive response expressed in the comments. I am glad to add value to your communities. You can expect more articles about Ruby soon! Cheers!

On that very day Yui Naruse announced the release of a groundbreaking Ruby version. You know I am reporting what’s new in programming languages for a while now. I didn’t see that coming especially on the festive season. I almost chocked on my bigos!

You Can Now Run Ruby In Your Browser

Let’s start slow. WebAssembly and WASI are with us for a while now. There are some attempts to run various programming languages in the browser and on serverless environments supporting WASI.

But Ruby made it early to the party and is in an exquisite company of C#, Rust, Go and Swift. It is impressive, Ruby team proves to be able to provide all the stuff kids love these days.

41% Faster Code Execution

Finally, the YJIT is production ready. The new JIT compiler based on groundbreaking Basic Block Versioning already gives some exciting results. The benchmark speed is 41% faster.

Shopify, that is also heavily relying on Ruby also reports up to 39% speed improvement with YJIT!

No More Regex Lags

If you are using Regex heavily, you know it is sometimes possible to throw out your computer just by writing wrong Regex. I personally am responsible for hanging online regex testers tens of times in 2022.

In Ruby 3.2 there were implemented two solutions to tackle the problem. First is a global regex timeout. Whatever you will write, the regex will terminate the execution after a given period of time. But that would not be enough for Ruby team. Oh, no. They have also crushed the execution time!

Please look carefully at this chart:



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