🎮 React Jam Fall 2023 Results Announced

Tom Smykowski
Nov 22, 2023

Games can be built with React. Here’s the proof!

The company behind Rune.ai announced the results of Fall 2023 edition of React Jam.

Rune.ai is a platform that combines game experience with player communication.

It hosts a contest where React built games compete for the playing time or average rating.

All games are under 10MB, and can be played online, or in an Android or iOS app.

In the Fall 2023, Pipeline Panic won. It’s a pixelart game inspired loosely by Mario where you fix a pipeline. I love the music!

Very amusing and gameable.

There’s also Rock Paper Shoot, Spooky Cookie or Dungeon Breakout, and a lot more.

So if you want to check out some fun games built with React it’s a nice place to visit and bookmark.

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