🐬 MySQL 8.0.31 Boosted Index Building Speed

MySQL comes with some massive improvements in the database competition with PostgreSQL

Tom Smykowski
2 min readDec 6, 2022


MySQL is a popular relational database engine developed currently by Oracle. If you are not up to date, just a reminder: Sun bought MySQL for $1 billion in 2008, and two years later Oracle bought Sun for $7,4 billion.

That surprising turn of events didn't seem to impact MySQL development. The latest version is 8.0.31 and it comes packed with features and bug fixes. Here are the three most interesting ones:

Faster InnoDB Index Building

With that release MySQL supports parallel index builds specifically by multithreaded B-tree feeding.

Nested Order By And Limit

You can now write nested queries in accordance with SQL standard. In the Parenthesized Query Expressions you will find the details about how the new nesting will behave.

Intersect and Except

The two new clauses make it easier to find common rows between tables, or contrary ,to find rows that do not belong to another table. Intersect, Except docs.

See the link provided at the end of the article for the full release notes of MySQL 8.0.31, because there are many more things you may be interested in.

I also know a lot of people can't wait for the next major release. If we look at the previous release schedule, MySQL 9 should be just around the corner.

Important releases were made in 2-3 years. MySQL 8 has been here for four years, so hopefully Oracle will have a good surprise for us soon.

In the meantime, if you are eager for something new like a Disney+ user for a new movie, check out Oracle MySQL HeatWave. It is an in-memory MySQL accelerator and machine learning system. The company invests in this project heavily.

So don’t worry. They care for MySQL too! MySQL and PostgreSQL evolve rapidly. Check out what’s new in PostgreSQL 15 as well!

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