Microsoft With Recall Will Become A Mesh Megadata & AI Behemoth

Tom Smykowski
4 min readMay 21, 2024
Photo by Aditya Singh / Pexels

The Recall feature may be more exciting to Microsoft than it is to Windows users

As we have learned today Microsoft plans to introduce a new tool for the users of Windows.

That tool is called Recall. The marketing idea of it is that it will capture screen all the time, and build a history of everything you do on your computer. In Windows apps, games, in browser.

Everything will be saved locally, encrypted and available for you to browse.

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It will also be connected with an AI that will make it possible to search throught the history with keywords and prompts.

The vision is tempting. Being able to go back to what I did a month ago on my laptop is awesome. I’d love to be able to recall things I did, just like if I had a perfect memory.

From the archivist point of view it’s also interesting. Because computers are currently part of our communication and society. So it would be interesting to aggregate and save what were people seeing and living with for the future generations.



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