🚊 Learn Vue With Source Codes Of These 5 Vue Games

Tom Smykowski
3 min readJan 31

Surprisingly, there are a lot of interesting browser games written with the use of web frameworks like Svelte or Angular. I’ve covered some of these in my previous articles. Today, I will show you five open source games written with the Vue framework. From my previous article I am pretty sure you know it is now the 🥉 third most popular job offer web framework out there!

Well deserved place on the podium shows what's the demand for the developers that are keen to learn yet another framework that feels like a beautiful baby of Angular and React.

Vue VlackJack

Kevin Lee Drum wrote a Vue version of a popular card game in which we can compete against the computer to win virtual coins. It is also a nice example of Vuex implementation to browse while having some fun with the game. It works exceptionally great on a smartphone, which is a plus compared to some other games I was featuring. I am not sure if it will work on an iPhone however, because these devices always have problems with handling reality.


Vue MineSweeper

Ahmed Ashraf two years ago wrote a nice game with Vue, Vuex and Vuetify. It uses Options API, not the new Component API but it’s still a great place to look at to see how Vuetify components can be used to develop the frontend faster.


Vue Rock Paper Scissors

Ahmed Ashraf decided to implement a classical Rock Paper Scissors game with Vue. The game is responsive and quite fun. I like the source code because it is vanilla Vue, so it is a nice introduction to the framework.


Vue Breakout

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