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As you may know from my previous posts, the new Card Deck is on its way. Actually, in terms of design, it is 100% finished. But as it occurred, things got tricky. I have shared the bad news with the STJ community lately.

The thing is assets for the next deck occurred to be drastically more expensive than expected. To be fair, and honest, they are not “expensive” expensive. Assets for a card game are sometimes much more expensive than ones I need for the deck. But in terms of pure money, they are expensive in a way, that I can not afford to invest such amount right away.

Also, there is a cost of proofreading. It is also something to take into account when creating such a deck.

So long story short, for assets and proofreading I need almost 1 000 $. Yes, that's right. There is no typo. In fact, if you think about a graphic designer that made over 160 designs of cards, spend months, or maybe years doing them, it’s not so much. Not so much at all.

But for the Printed Deck, it is a blocker. So I was thinking about various ways to handle this situation. One solution was to use other assets. After some research it occurred, there are no assets available on the same quality level. So changing assets would mean a drastic quality drop. Something I won’t accept.

So there is really no way to overcome it. Even if you take into account Kickstarter or pre-sales. These would work if I had assets license in the first place.

There are more reasons that support the thesis that license and proofreading is needed. But without going much into detail, it seems to be sadly a reality.

So. I need to basically loan 1 000 $ to prepare new decks. Assets license covers multiple products, so once I have it, I will be able to create decks for:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • R
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • TypeScript
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • etc.

This is the “good news” part.

So what has to happen for me to be able to loan 1 000$? I would need to be pretty sure there will be enough people to buy decks to cover the cost!

And how to do it? Well, what about a waiting list? Ok. But how many people would need to join it, for me to be sure, the ones who decide to buy the deck will cover the cost? After calculation, it occurred I need 6 000 people on the waiting list. Don’t ask. It’s advanced math.

So I am working on a waiting list page now. Here you can find a draft, where actually you can join the waiting list. It tells about Python deck, but soon it will be updated to cover all languages I want to create a deck for.

Join and share the info. Hopefully, we will be able to gather 6 000 people for decks to be published. Thanks!

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