Grafana 9.3 Shows Images On a Map

Tom Smykowski
3 min readDec 1, 2022

I love to look at the raw data. But know what’s better? Visual presentation! For all software developers and data scientists there is a good news — the most advanced monitoring tool on the market — Grafana (written mostly in TypeScript and Go) was just released in the 9.3 version.

But don’t let the minor version fool you. It comes with some amazing features.

New Navigation

The new navigation menu makes it easy to find relevant views based on their grouping.

New Languages

Grafana comes now also in Simplified Chinese, French, German and Spanish version.

Photos On A Map

Geo-visualisation in Grafana is amazing as it is. You can create heatmaps, plot day-night barer, and show numbers and labels on the map. Now, you can also add photos to the map layer.

Icons On a Map

My second favorite feature is being able to display icons based on values. It has a range of possible uses that will make the presentation even more compelling.

Better E-mail Customization

I was actually disappointed by the template feature Grafana used. But with Grafana 9.3 we have a more fine-grained control over the template and placeholders. It is especially important if you want to send informative alerts to people from the team, that may not need all the…

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