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  • Thiago S. Adriano

    Thiago S. Adriano

    Enjoy your life

  • Rok Černec

    Rok Černec

    Vice President and Co-Founder at ARK.io

  • Jonny Fox

    Jonny Fox

    CTO@Factory Mind

  • Juan Cruz Martinez

    Juan Cruz Martinez

    I’m an entrepreneur, developer, author, speaker, and doer of things. I write about JavaScript, Python, AI, and programming in general.

  • Jake Prins

    Jake Prins

    Building products and writing articles for developers. https://jakeprins.com

  • William Candillon

    William Candillon

    Maker of the “Can it be done in React Native?” YouTube series ⚛️🎥 https://start-react-native.dev

  • Jeremy Likness

    Jeremy Likness

    Author, mentor, speaker with passion to empower developers to be their best. Senior Program Manager for .NET Data at Microsoft. Opinions my own. @JeremyLikness

  • Charles Stover

    Charles Stover

    Staff front end engineer | Tech lead | Architect | charlesstover.com

  • Eduardo Rabelo

    Eduardo Rabelo

    ☕🇳🇿 - https://eduardorabelo.me

  • Martin Hochel

    Martin Hochel

    Principal Engineer | Google Dev Expert/Microsoft MVP | @ngPartyCz founder | Speaker | Trainer. I 🛹, 🏄‍♂️, 🏂, wake, ⚾️& #oss #js #ts

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