🎮 Five Svelte Games To Learn How To Code

Tom Smykowski
3 min readJan 28, 2023

I usually write about useful libraries and projects written in various programming languages and frameworks. It would be a great choice for an article about Svelte, because it is mostly a framework used for websites and apps.

But Svelte is not limited to such use cases. In fact, you can write games that use Svelte as well. Below examples are a perfect proof it is possible.

Before you forget about the world playing Emoji Bingo, please remember each of these games is open source. It means you can browse the game code and learn how such games can be made. You can even fork them, and build your own mods 🙂

I have prepared five games in Svelte for you today:

🐍 Snake

The game offers four game modes, music and pretty awesome effects. It’s best to be played on a laptop, but you can try it out also on a smartphone. The stack contains SvelteKit, Vite, ESBuild, Felt and Gro.


💾 Hacker Feud

If you are looking for a fun activity for your colleagues that happen to be programmers as well, Hacker Feud is for you. It is a game based on Family Feud. you become a host, and two teams answer some coding questions to win the game.

Its stack is pretty much vanilla Svelte while being a showcase for Rollup bundler. I can easily imagine forking this project and modifying questions to any other topic to have fun with friends.


🎰 Emoji Bingo

Another fun group game allows you and your friends to play Emoji Bingo with your phones or laptops. It is interesting to see how sirv-cli makes it extremely easy to serve a static page.



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