🅰️ Fact check: Is Angular 17 Really Like Warp 10?

Tom Smykowski
6 min readNov 17, 2023

I’m checking if the claims that Angular 17 is way faster than other frameworks are true.

Angular 17 was released lately and covered by me in a series of articles including the fantastic Angular Renaissance event.

The name suited the event, there’s no doubt Angular is the bizzare and fantastic web framework, just like Michelangelo.

Well, except bizzare. Signals, and standalone components aligned the framework with the simplicity and lightness of React and Vue, while not compromising on the promise to make developers life easier.

One of the issues that were missing in the discussions about Angular 17 was how the changes will impact the performance. We knew already signals replacing zones will have dramatic impact on removing the stigma of the somehow slower brother of the same mother.

Also the decision to move component control flow from the level of components to the template itself with the new syntax was promising in terms of raw performance.

Defer control has it’s tremendous impact too, but it can be missed by synthetic performance benchmarks.

Such of these circling through the Internet since yesterday:



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