Express.js Got Flooded With Pull Requests. An Idea To Ban India Strongly Rejected

Tom Smykowski
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

Open source is a quite calm place on the internet. Rarely anything exciting happens there. Except releases and occasional heated discussions.

But aside from that it’s just merging, code reviewing and completing.

At least it was how Express.js maintainers imagined it. As it occurs, their lives are different for at least several months because of one mistake of some other person.

First, from time to time, but now, several times per day maintainers are greeted with new contributions.

Everyone would be glad about it, but not in this case. While sipping a cup of tea, one of the maintainers noticed, most of the contributions are made to the Readme file.

A file that contains instructions how to use the Express.js server.

What could it be? He thought? After investigation it occured there wasn’t actually a group of people who took to their heart to make the instruction polished to reach the Readme Valhalla.

No no no. Going from one contribution to another it occurred it was all rubbish. Just some random people trying to put 123 or hello world into the one of the most popular server instructions!

For sure it had to go though his mind it’s kind of a new hacker or DDOS attack he didn’t know about before.

But actually no one heard about anything like that before. Fortunately maintainers are able to approve or reject contribution, so it is what they did.

Did for several months at least. Now when we go to closed merge requests we still see a piling up list of merge requests:

Unknowingly how it happens rumors started to occur and real contributors and maintainers became furious about the whole situation.

One of the rumors that got an attention between peers is that someone was teaching people how to commit changes to GitHub but didn’t use a fork repository, his own, but used the official Express.js repository as an example.

It is a plausible conspiracy theory because when someone is a beginner, he doesn’t know he’s sending his random change to the official repository of a real freaking server project.



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