Eclipse IDE 4.25 now supports some Java 19 features

Tom Smykowski
4 min readOct 15, 2022

Java 19 Is an astonishing release proving Java is a leading programming language not without a reason.

Concurrency, conditional record casting, virtual threads and more, are covered in my previous article.

Today we will focus on Eclipse. One of the most popular IDEs. It is language agnostic, but is heart warming Java developers the most.

Source: StackOverflow Developer Survey

Eclipse, famous Java IDE will celebrate 20 years on 27/12/2022. Now, the Eclipse foundation offers a lot more tools for software engineers. Check out the page to learn more. For now we will focus on features in the Eclipse IDE.

The latest Eclipse release is 4.25 from 31/08/2022. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Word wrapping

Among various new settings word wrapping can be of use for reading long text files and source codes. It can be enabled in the configuration :

Better encoding handling

Also reporting lack of encoding information is now more customizable through settings:

It is also possible to set up default encoding for a console.

Better UI

Eclipse follows UI trends. Two improvements in the latest release of that IDE will make working with the system more comfortable. First is the change of replacing old school blue gradients on headers with modern, flat design:

Also tabs are now easier to manage. The active tab is not only indicated with the background color but also with a header bar, a fine touch to increase orientation and esthetics :



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