⚛️ Dan Abramov Quits Facebook’s Meta. What Will Happen To React?

Tom Smykowski
3 min readJul 20

Everything will be fine, he’ll still contribute. Worries set aside, let’s decipher what this news means!

As you recall if you’ve subscribed to my articles in January I was worried about the future of React 19. As I wrote back then:

The silence around the next React version won’t make it win in popularity with Elon Musk

I’ve also promised that:

I will continue to spy on React team 😊, and let you know if there will be any news about React 19!

Because I know how React is important for all frontend developers.

After some months, in April we’ve learned about a new official React page.

The new documentation puts emphasis on best practices for modern React versions. Dropping instructions for old React versions makes the learning curve flatter.

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But also:

React reached it’s goal by becoming a part of other major projects, something every library developer dreams about. Kudos for that!

React is promoted by the new page as a library used in Next.js and other solutions while of course SPA apps can be built for example with vanilla React or Vite templates for that edge dev experience.

Back than it looked like React is a project complete.

Today, it seems like we have another act of the story with a series of tweets made by Dan Abramov. The co creator of Redux and React contributor famous in the software development world.

In a series of tweets, Dan explains that:

  • He quits Meta
  • He does it because the new page and Suspense were released
  • He’ll still contribute to React independently
  • He’s tired of writing texts

Summarizing it looks like Dan wants to take some time off and open a window of opportunity to do new…

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