Angular 17.2.0 With Netlify Image CDN Support

Tom Smykowski
2 min readFeb 20, 2024

Angular supports another image CDN provider. Optimal images out of the box for Netlify users!

While the 17.2.0 version is associated by the broad public with the placeholder feature of NgOptimizedImage, there was also another important feature introduced.

As you know NgOptimizedImage in Angular is a one stop shop to load and display images in an optimal way saving transfer and offering users the top notch experience.

What’s important it’s not a combination of external libraries etc. Angular team decided showing optimal images is the responsibility of a framework and offers it out of the box.

One of the interesting aspect of image loader of NgOptimizedImage is that it recognizes on what device and resolution image is to be displayed.

Thanks to that intelligent design Angular can ask specifically for the most optimal image.

To go further Angular team went with an unprecedented steps and actually implemented image loaders for specific CDNs.

The list includes CloudFlare, Cloudinary, ImageKit and Imgix.

With Angular 17.2.0 the list is extended with Netlify.

What it means is that now you can use Netlify image CDN and display optimized images in your app or website out of the box.

While the new feature is great, you may wonder what about other providers? No problem, in fact you can write a custom image loader or use one maintained by other developers.

In fact, if you’d like to offer an open source contribution, it’s a nice idea to pursue. You just have to find an image CDN and write a custom image loader to gain a lot of open source points.

Angular doesn’t cease to surprise me. I personally like tools that help me focus on the user experience and business value. The NgOptimizedImage is a single reason why I’d consider the framework for the next project, while the list of reasons isn’t limited only to that.

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