AI Responder 1.0 Released!!!

Tom Smykowski
4 min readFeb 26, 2024

I love to chat with people online, especially here on Medium. The level of discussions is high, and I always know to find something interesting in the comment section.

It’s really a special place compared to some other, that may not be so welcoming. Sometimes during online discussions I see that the emotions get heated and some people start to be very obnoxious.

There are of course ways to handle it, for example exit the discussion, or keep the level of responses even when some people don’t keep it too.

But overall the trolling issue is still prevalent in 2024, and it feels like we still have the same tools over last 10 years to handle it.

So I was experimenting for past months to see if there’s a possibility to offer something new. My initial idea was to use AI to re-format comments into a more professional ones.

It turned out to work great. But the minus side was that actually the true intentions of the sender were removed. If someone crosses the line, receiver should know about it.

Also, I wouldn’t like to loose essential information when for example there is a poor communication in the workplace or when a client makes a negative review. Not if that happened to me, but I know people struggle with it too.

So, instead of reformatting the message, I’ve decided to focus on the answering part.

What if, instead of wasting our time on annoying communicators, we could just keep the professional level easier, and focus on the talks that are important for us, without draining our energy?

That’s how AI Responder was born.

AI Responder is a tool that employs AI to answer any comment, message or e-mail you like:

How does it work?

It’s quite simple. You can select any message you like on any service you like. So for example you can choose to ask AI to answer a Threads comment, a Slack message, Microsoft Teams message, Outlook e-mail etc.

After selecting the message, a button “Respond” appears. After clicking the button, the message is sent to an AI, and the AI prepares a response. The response is saved in the clipboard.

With that said, you can paste the message into the response field, and voila! In 2 seconds you’ve answered a comment, message or e-mail without any effort!

Of course, you don’t have to rely only on the AI, after pasting you can polish the answer, or just use it as an inspiration for a smooth response.

The following groups will benefit from this tool:

  1. Digital marketers — they will be able at last to answer to all comments regardless of the number of them.
  2. E-commerce managers — they will be able to answer to sales reviews easier and maintaining the level of response
  3. Employees — it will help communicate with poor communication not doing into emotional, heated debates. AI is kinda famous of not having emotions, so that’s perfect
  4. People who learn or just have to use other languages (more about it soon)
  5. People with communication difficulties
  6. Everyone else literally

The market for this service is quite big, both for private and professional uses.

If you’d like to try it out, head to AI Responder, and add it to your browser. AI Responder currently supports Chrome as an extension. After installing it, you can use it on any page and service you like.

It’s also available currently in the trial mode, where you get 30 days for free, so it’s a great deal. After that time, if you don’t like it, you can choose if you want to use it further or not. There’s no obligation. If you choose to, it costs currently only $9.99 per month. Not much.

The setup is quite easy, in the extension settings you’ll find up-to-date instructions. All you really have to do is provide a ChatGPT API key:

What is important, the extension doesn’t contain any tracking codes whatsoever. No Google Analytics, not third party trackers, no cookie monsters etc. Just a pure extension that does what it says it do.


Two fantastic things that I’ve learned about AI Responder is that it can also answer in other languages:

I had to translate the example message to Chinese with a translator, selected the message in Chinese and clicked respond. Than I pasted the answer back to the translator to see what answer is actually generated:

Nice right? So with AI Responder you can answer messages in other languages too!

Another thing is that it helps me learn English language as well, because sometimes I have difficulties with figuring out the right grammar and words, so it is really useful for learning English as well by real life examples!

I’m very excided about this release and hope to hear about your ideas!

Check it out here!

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