A Shocked Programmer Got A $104k Bill

Tom Smykowski
4 min readFeb 27, 2024

Can you imagine how many shrimps you could eat for 104 thousand dollars?

Catania is a cosy city located in east Sicily, Italy. I love the architecture and seaside climate of this place. The air is fresh, it’s sunny and warm.

That’s why last summer we’ve visited this place. I don’t know about you but I really like to eat. That’s why on the first day there we’ve searched for an all you can eat restaurant.

Compared to regular restaurants, all you can eat is more expensive, but it’s great because you can try a lot of different local dishes to decide what’s your favorite.

Of course the whole trick to have the experience is to prevail with an empty stomach for as long as possible. After a rather light breakfast and Ursino Castle visit, we’ve decided to try out Happy Wok, a popular local restaurant.

The amount of seafood was mesmerizing. My favorite way of trying such places is to take a little bit of everything, try it out, and settle for one-two things I liked the most.

As much as I’m devoted to eat, I can’t unfortunately eat too much. So after the trial, I was alnost full. Settled for oysters and shrimps I’ve headed to refill my dish.

I’ve never ate oysters so it was quite an adventure. After two oysters and three shrimps I was full and happy.

We’ve started to discuss how such places can operate if two hungry polish tourists can eat almost all oysters fisherman collected on thst day. Not to say a bus full of polish tourists.

It seems like such restaurant owners have some secret formula that accounts to average cost of meal for an average person.

They also have to account to central europe tourists, we’ve debated.

Overall, they’re profitable despite some people eat more, because other people eat less, and also because the very formula of all you can eat attracts more visitors.

What it means is that there’s an average and usually expected maximum usage of food per day restaurant needs to prepare.

I guess if there were two or three buses from Poland on one day, the restaurant would run out of anything that resembles…



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