Lately I was not posting too much, because I was focused on preparing a new fantasy flashcards deck.

It moved to the stage 2, so I have started to work on some Blender renders of a new deck, especially the box artwork:

I must say, Blender is an awesome tool to design 3D stuff. There are also tons of video tutorials on YouTube. After the initial design, my computer worked all night to render an animation.

But when I woke up and combined images into a video, it didn’t satisfy my expectations. I had to change the video. …

CSS should handle sound. Period. I am not trolling. Look:

I really don’t like to click too much while coding. Because mouse is not so precise and I have to take my hand off the keyboard. Therefore I try to automate everything in a way that does not require mouse.

Working with Git is an example of a task that can be done easily without the mouse, however, if you like to use some more advanced workflows, you end up installing an extension for VSCode and click. …

Some people think it is hard to choose a gift for a programmer. However, with this guide, you will find out, it is extremely easy. Each of presented items is very interesting, and will surely be received with an enthusiasm by every geek out there. Let’s start:

A small computer

Why a programmer would like to receive a small computer as gift if he has one or more of these? Well… currently there are special small computers, you can program to do various things. Several inch wide devices fit into a pocket and open imagination of every developer out there.

You can choose…

Today I have stumbled upon a great article by Austin Z. Henley called "Can you make a basic web app without googling?" read it

The article pretty much sums up what is, in a way, wrong with software development nowadays. Not looking far away, i can tell you how my work looked like in some of teams I have worked in. To add almost any feature I had to Google for technical nuances to find the solution I needed for the given stack. Than I had to look at the documentation, source code, ask several coworkers for additional information. …

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