Software development is not only about writing features and bug fixes. Sometimes you also have to present results to a client. For many people in the tech industry, it is a challenging task, because we focus mostly on the technical aspect of our work.

I have 20 years of experience with programming. During my career I have been also a team leader, have my own marketing company, I have sent thousands of hours contacting clients online and online. From small business owners to marketing directors of companies hiring tens of thousands of employees. …

After a great community feedback I have decided to pursue the project of creating fantasy C++ flashcards game.

It is now available in the presales, so you can book your…

I am extremely old. I remember the times when there was no Internet at all. You were able to use only apps installed on your computer.

Than a new trend occured. HTML, Javascript and CSS made it possible to create websites and more and more advanced web apps.

Everyone decided it is better in most cases to have a web app, because you don’t depend on limitations imposed by operating system vendor. It was reasonable and beautiful.

Fast forward we are now in 2021. Three of major operating system vendors became major browser vendors.

Google, Microsoft and Apple control the…

As you may have noticed, contacting Facebook support is hard. Your account may have been hacked, but it is really taught to talk about it with someone from Facebook.

Why is that? With $26 billion of revenue in first quarter of 2021 it is obvious why. Facebook is understaffed. It won’t change soon, because Facebook has to earn at least $1 trillion to be able to fix it. Meanwhile, we have to rely on our creativity and dexterity to contact Facebook support. In this post, you will learn ten ways that may help you contact Facebook support. Let’s begin:

1. Fool the AI


Lately I was not posting too much, because I was focused on preparing a new fantasy flashcards deck.

It moved to the stage 2, so I have started to work on some Blender renders of a new deck, especially the box artwork:

I must say, Blender is an awesome tool to design 3D stuff. There are also tons of video tutorials on YouTube. After the initial design, my computer worked all night to render an animation.

But when I woke up and combined images into a video, it didn’t satisfy my expectations. I had to change the video. …

CSS should handle sound. Period. I am not trolling. Look:

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