A holiday season is coming faster than ever before. And you may wonder what gift to buy for a programmer. It may be your husband, wife, friend, colleague, son or daughter. Maybe you want to surprise them with a specific gift, or make them interested in programming. …

In physics there is a term called the degree of freedom. It is best illustrated with geometry. An object that can move only on X axis has one degree of freedom. An object that can move on X and Y axis has two degrees of freedom.

The more parameters describe…

Do you want to know what happens with this awesome project of flashcard games for programmers? You are in the right place!

Flashcards for C++ and React Interview

I don’t remember when I have posted the last status update, so I will just write about things that happened lately. …

Grab 10% halloween discount for Javascript, Java, C#, PHP, Python flashcards and new decks for React and C++ with HALLOWEEN2021 code now! Visit summonthejson.com

We all been there. Daily stand-up should take half of an hour or an hour, while it starts to take more and more. Eventually, you are sitting there on the stand-up and trying to do your job, and listen at the same time. Stress raises, and every time you become…

Some time ago, Github disabled authentication with login and password in favor of token based authentication. From this article, you will learn how to switch to the new authentication method.


Requirements: windows, ssh, git, git bash, GitHub private token file
Optional: adjust your setup, or commands to your setup

For a while now I am trying young developers and designers to land a job with successes. Just s notice: i am not a recruiter. I am working as a software engineer and designer for sixteen years. I have been in hundreds of job interviews. I was also recruiting as…

  1. First, ignore docs folder, if you don’t want docs to be in the repository by adding:
/docs to .gitignore file

2. Create a file called jsdoc.conf.json with this content:

"tags": {
"allowUnknownTags": true,
"dictionaries": ["jsdoc", "closure"]…

Software development is not only about writing features and bug fixes. Sometimes you also have to present results to a client. For many people in the tech industry, it is a challenging task, because we focus mostly on the technical aspect of our work.

I have 20 years of experience…

After a great community feedback I have decided to pursue the project of creating fantasy C++ flashcards game.

It is now available in the presales, so you can book your…

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