8 things I learned during a quarantine

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by freeograph

For over three weeks, we voluntarily isolate from the world. We don’t go out, except going to a grocery store and pharmacy once per week. We didn’t get coronavirus yet. It is also hard to say, if we didn’t get it earlier, or will soon. Anyway. I had some time to think about the situation, and I wanted to share what I have learned during this time.

1. I am waiting for nothing

Now, when isolated, I have noticed, I wait all the time for the epidemic to go away. But the clock does not wait for me, ticks at the same pace. I can wait, and lose weeks or months of my life, or do something to make an experience more substantial. Just live. Maybe living without pandemic is the same. Perhaps I should stop waiting and just living.

2. I feel more connected with people

I think it is good to think everyone has his problems, so be kind to others. But sometimes it is easy to forget. Especially today, when we live in an era of showoffs. People who make online a show of their “private,” “perfect” lives. But now I think it is easier to understand. We all share the same problem, have the same fears. In some way, it feels like it connects us all closer, even if we need to distance ourselves physically.

3. My family is great

It does not seem like I spend lots more time with my family than before. But we used to go out more before the isolation. We were going out, but sometimes it felt like we were looking for attractions, not for hanging out. Now I spend the same time, but I hang out 100% with my kid. And it’s great. I feel we are more connected now than before, and it’s a great gift.

4. I can leave something (just in case)

What if I die? What will I be leaving here? Can I prepare something in case of such a drastic turn of events? It seems not so much. Maybe money is, in a way, helpful. But for how long? No one ears so much to provide cash for the full life span of another person. What I can and want to leave here in any case, would be good memories and also some wisdom for my kid. Because he will refer to me in some moments in life, he will need advice. I want him to have my support in such a way, and I think it is essential.

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by branin

5. We will get over it

I am afraid of my family and my life. And it’s a real threat. We should use all the wisdom and resources we have to stop it. But when we do what we can, should we be scared too much? We shouldn’t. We need to live, take care of our families. It requires good health and attitude. Anyways, everyone can die every second of his life because of a variety of causes. But we have the experience, have a good laugh, and enjoy what we have. Eventually, we will get over it. Like we always get over stuff in our lives.

6. Life is not easy

I had a lot of periods in my life that were hard. And I am disappointed now again, everything collapses. But this is not about it. It’s about everyone. Every time I had problems in my life, I had a lot of stress, but eventually, I have survived. So issues are nothing new in my life, and I am sure they are not also in your life. Anyways I also had some months of hope before it all started for a brighter future. So I have some memories back to when I am down. Sure, you have some good memories too.

7. It’s media fault (partially)

I accuse social media, news media, and television for the spread of the coronavirus. For years they scared us with cosmic rocks, diseases, epidemics, wars, etc. And none of these threads become real. But media earned millions of dollars us clicking such click baits. So when the information about coronavirus started to spread, a lot of people surely thought it as exaggerated. And it wasn’t. But we were all so undifferentiated by media we didn’t notice. Now thousands of people die daily around the world because media was so shortsighted and irresponsible. It has to change.

8. Things need to change

Every country today struggles with the pandemic. It is hard, and we will have a lot of losses. We will need to take the time to go back to the place we were a year ago. A lot of money countries will spend to do it. But we knew about coronaviruses before. Heck, we know precisely how coronavirus is built! It’s outrageous a virus challenges our advanced civilization.

It should not happen. What we need to change is focus a lot, lots more on health science. Maybe we would not have pandemic if we did it; if we learned to listen to scientists. We surely would prevent the whole situation with fewer losses, effort, and money.

But it is not only about the coronavirus. There is a lot of other diseases out there that challenge our civilization — flu, various cancers, etc. Everyone talks about living life to its full potencial. But how people can do it, if they are sick, for months, years of their lives? We need to put multiple times more effort to destroy all significant health hazards. Today it’s visible coronavirus kills people. But people die from a lot of other diseases every day around the world.

I firmly believe we will be able to change it. But we need to focus on health. It can not be replaced like a smartphone every 5 years when it becomes broken. War does not restore a person’s health either…

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