🧠 7 Surprising Coding Facts Revealed By JetBrains 2023 Survey

Tom Smykowski
4 min readNov 22, 2023

Surprising changes in language attraction, gold mines for coders, the truth about AI and education with a positive accent!

JetBrains published the results of The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 survey. It’s based on over 26 thousand answers, so it gives some interesting insights into the scattered coding landscape.

Interestingly enought, there is no major change to the last year in terms of likeability of adopting a language.

It’s quite understandable because we’re in the middle of recession with major shift to business outcomes.

SQL: Surprise, surprise!

The realism is reflected in the choice of languages likely to be adopted. Only few mentioned gained in these terms. Python, Java and Rust. Rust is the only new language that gains.

Ah, and of course SQL with tremendous 3% point gain. After years where cloud platform owners tried to convince us we don’t need SQL, it’s back in the game singing “Surprise, surprise. Surprise! Surprise!” with the voice of beloved Cillia Black.

Scala Is For The Bling

Web development doesn’t offer the most money according to the report. If you really want to swim in your own aquarium you need to look for things that are new or tough. Even better: both.

Scala, Go, Kotlin, C++ and Rust are the 2023 bling bling lingua franca.

And if you studied C++ eons ago, good news, that language will surely outlive Days Of Our Lives, so you can hop back into the golden coding bandwagon anytime you please.

AI? Only From Time To Time

We’ve already heard that every developer uses AI, and that report has similar insights. But the details reveal the truth is more…



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