7 best affordable gifts for a programmer

Some people think it is hard to choose a gift for a programmer. However, with this guide, you will find out, it is extremely easy. Each of presented items is very interesting, and will surely be received with an enthusiasm by every geek out there. Let’s start:

A small computer

Why a programmer would like to receive a small computer as gift if he has one or more of these? Well… currently there are special small computers, you can program to do various things. Several inch wide devices fit into a pocket and open imagination of every developer out there.

You can choose Raspberri PI, Arduino, Le Potato, and various other kinds of these small beauties.

2. Laptop stickers

Stickers are for a laptop what magnets are for fridge. Programmers love to change grey laptops into colorful patchworks of stickers featuring favorite technologies and geeky jokes. So make sure to buy a lot of these. They are cheap, and laptop surface will handle it!

3. A mug

A collection of mugs helps greatly to stay in the zone for a longer period of time. So there is no limit how many mugs you can offer to your favorite programmer. Also, you an find mugs that change when heated, an additional perk making the drinking beverage experience more exciting.

4. A portable laptop monitor

One monitor is never enough if you are a developer. If your favorite programmer works on laptop, he/she will welcome with open hands, an additional screen, he/or she can connect to open StackOverflow on it.

5. Wrist rest

It may be surprising but sitting whole day can cause injuries. For example wrist pain. To prevent it, you can buy a wrist rest that will help your favorite developer to enjoy work without discomfort. These come in various shapes and sizes, and are for a programmer hands what a pillow is for a sleep.

6. Carton standing desk

Standing work is a popular trend among programmers and not only. It is very healthy to stand a while. However the equipment to do it is expensive and takes a lot of space. But you can buy a carton standing desk for the programmer to check out if he likes to work that way. He/she can create the standing desk fast and hide it when it is not needed.

7. Summon The JSON deck

Summon The JSON is a tabletop card game for programmers. It features most useful programming commands set up in a fantasy world. The great thing about it is that a round takes approx. 15 minutes, and you can play it with your favorite programmer, because no programming knowledge is required. It is a casual game for 1–4 people. There are decks for various languages:

JavaScript — for web programmers
Python — for data solution programmers
Java — for backend programmers
C# — for game and backend programmers
PHP — for web programmers

You can also collect all decks, because they are compatible. It is received with overwhelmingly positive response with programmers.

Fair disclaimer: Standindesk contains affiliate link. I am the creator of Summon The JSON

Founder of Summon The JSON. Armadillo Of Coding. 20y of #Programming 🚩 TOP 2% SO. 1kk Quora #JavaScript #Python #CSharp #PHP #Java

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