58 Summer Software Engineering Articles To Catch Up

Tom Smykowski
14 min readSep 11

Hey there, are you after your holidays? Getting back to work or study? You’d probably think, what did I miss during that time. Fortunately for you, I’ve kept track of what’s happening and prepared during that time some interesting articles for you.

From this article you’ll learn about all the articles I wrote for you since June until August 2023. Let’s dig into, and if you’ll find something interested you can use the links provided to read the full article!

The list provided is in the order from the oldest to the newest ones:

1. 🦁 NestJS Beats Rebuild Times To 180ms

One of the major web frameworks move to SWC bringing rebuilds for a medium project down to 180ms
The creator of NestJS shared today a post on his social media profile sharing the results of upcoming NestJS optimisations.

2. ⏰ 3 Ways To Store Time Duration Explained

To handle time duration in frontend, backend and architecture, choices have to be made. From the article you’ll learn about 3 best ways to store time duration

3. Tom’s Coding News EP 1

There is also no groundbreaking news I’d like to share with you. There are some less impactful news that I stumble upon. So today I’ll just share with you what I’ve found interesting.

4. I’ve Reached Almost 50% Of My Goal With Tech Writing In 9 Months

You may wonder how I’ve found time for that. I’m working on a daily…

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