🐿️ 5 Awesome Go Projects: Manage Security, Containers And Build Backends

Tom Smykowski
4 min readDec 25, 2022

Today I’d like to tell you about five awesome Go (Golang) projects. Golang is a popular programming language used for hi performance apps. It won the first language battle. I will give you a link if you’ll read this article to the end!

One of the main selling points of Go is the ease of writing concurrent systems. You can learn how to do it by browsing the source code of presented projects. You can also use these projects in your applications.


Phoneinfoga is a framework written in Golang that makes it easier to gather information about phone numbers. For example you can recognize if a number exists or in what country it is located. Such a tool has a number of interesting use cases, for example to automate the onboarding process or detect fraud.


For the next project written in Go (lang) we will still stay in the open source intelligence (OSINT) area. The MOSINT project is about gathering information about email addresses. It has 2k stars on GitHub, validates an email, checks public social media accounts, public breach databases, related emails and domains as well as performs DNS lookup.

It is useful for security purposes on a larger scale, but I also use it to check my own emails against online dangers.


Golang is a heaven for all diagnostic systems. Kubeshark is another example. It is an app written in Golang that makes it easy to monitor Kubernetes pod traffic. It comes with a nice UI similar to Opera developer tools and ships with Windows, Linux and MacOS binaries.

I often rely on traffic monitoring tools to diagnose issues on the line between the…

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