🦏 5 Awesome PHP Projects: MP3 Server And More

😱 PHP is killing it. Music players, ERP systems, decentralized Instagrams are just a tip of an iceberg!

Tom Smykowski
4 min readJan 16


Koel — Personal MP3 Streaming Server

Do you remember my series of articles about creating own Zero Knowledge Music server?

It occurs someone does something similar. Koel is a project written in PHP (and with Vue). It is a personal music server, where you can upload your music files and listen to them with a desktop app, web app, and even mobile apps.

It is not a Zero Knowledge solution. But it would be interesting to incorporate the concept to a living project.

Especially it comes with tons of features and eye catching themes.


GitHub Streak Stats

I often use GitHub to store my open source projects. Lately, I’ve decided to pimp my Readme page. Wait what?

For those of you who don’t know what it is a quick introduction. On GitHub you have something like a profile page. To customize it, you have to create a repository with your name. The Readme file in this repository will be rendered as your profile page. Pretty neat right?

So, there is tons of scripts to put various graphs, charts, banners and so on to the page. One of this is Streak Stats. It shows the rank of your GitHub profile and repositories.

It is easy to set up, you don’t have to install anything. You just paste a line into your Readme.

The project is a great example how to build goodies for GitHub. Especially if you are a PHP developer.


Pixelfed — Decentralized Instagram



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