🦏 5 Awesome PHP Projects: MP3 Server And More

😱 PHP is killing it. Music players, ERP systems, decentralized Instagrams are just a tip of an iceberg!

Tom Smykowski
4 min readJan 16, 2023

Koel — Personal MP3 Streaming Server

Do you remember my series of articles about creating own Zero Knowledge Music server?

It occurs someone does something similar. Koel is a project written in PHP (and with Vue). It is a personal music server, where you can upload your music files and listen to them with a desktop app, web app, and even mobile apps.

It is not a Zero Knowledge solution. But it would be interesting to incorporate the concept to a living project.

Especially it comes with tons of features and eye catching themes.


GitHub Streak Stats

I often use GitHub to store my open source projects. Lately, I’ve decided to pimp my Readme page…



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