📺 5 Awesome Kotlin Projects: People Even Write Games In Kotlin!

Tom Smykowski
5 min readDec 29, 2022

Today I made a research to find five awesome open source projects in Kotlin. You can install these apps and just use it, or you can browse the source code and learn how professionals code in Kotlin.

Today we will cover:

  • Seal
  • Clash for Android
  • ViMusic
  • CloudStream
  • UnCiv

Let’s dive in into today’s list:

Seal – YouTube video downloader

Downloading YouTube videos became very popular for multiple reasons. For example, because some videos are available only there. Secondly, people want to be able to play the videos in the future. It is not always possible on YouTube. People delete accounts, copyright owners and fake owners take down videos. So it is understandable people do it. Especially, since doing it via YouTube is possible, AFAIK, only after paying to YouTube.



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