🦖 5 Amazing C++ Projects — UIs, AIs, Movies, Music and Travels

Tom Smykowski
4 min readJan 20

In this episode of epic open source projects I will take you to a journey to a language that is the backbone of everything, namely C++. Sit tight because what I am about to show you may blow your mind!

You can use these projects for your own benefit, learn C++ from the open source code, or even contribute by joining the coders from around the world in their effort to develop these apps. Let’s begin the feast:

Dear ImGui: The Easiest Way To Create Apps

Dear ImGui is very well know in the gaming community, but not so popular outside of it. For me, a design developer it is a revaluation.

Every day I have to carefully decide if I want to store my state in data(), or maybe in calculated(), remember about hook awkwardness, lifecycle hooks and finding the right CSS class names. All of this just to show an input box.

After years of working with web apps Dear ImGui is a refreshing project that gives me a new perspective on writing apps.

The system offers you a lot of components ready to use that appear after writing a single line of code in C++. You can even bind them together to create some pretty impressive apps in a matter of hours.

Just look at it:

Dear ImGui renders everything each by frame displayed. It means that binding data is dead simple compared to all you know about Javascript, React, Angular and so on. If you want to learn about it and see in action I can recommend this article. I love Dear ImGui. Ok. Let’s move on to the next amazing C++ app.

Dear ImGui

MuseScore: Compose Like Chopin For Free

Chopin was born in Poland and besides that there is nothing more than connects me to creating music more than that I am using also a keyboard. MuseScore is an excellent example that…

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