⚙️ 5 Awesome Rust Projects People Don’t Know About

Tom Smykowski
4 min readDec 13, 2022

Rust is becoming an industry standard for modern, performant apps. Check out five project that prove how comprehensive Rust is!


Leptos is a fullstack Rust framework to build reactive web apps. It generates ready DOM nodes with reactivity enabled. It means no additional rerenders and a nice performance. React enthusiasts will enjoy writing components using familiar JSX. The framework is in the early stage of development. However it’s very promising and already attracted a lot of developers due to the fact how fast and easy it is to write web apps with it.


If you happen to know what Zero Knowledge applications are, you have to definitely learn about SnarkOS. It is a decentralized operating system for ZK applications. Its reasonable system requirements make it a great solution for forming private app systems. In fact it is the code behind Aleo.


Linting code is the golden standard for keeping a uniform and good code. There are many linters for Python as well. Ruff is another linter, written in Rust and offering an exceptional performance. Ruff also offers some powerful code transformations that make coding easier. I love Ruff, you definitely have to check it out.

Universal Android Debloater GUI

I have actually stopped buying smartphones through my wireless service providers because they tend to not update Android and pack it with a lot of useless apps. It’s great…



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