⚙️ 10 Awesome Rust Projects, EP 2

Tom Smykowski
6 min readFeb 18

Rust becomes a backbone of the web development, finds its place in game development, powers tools and fully featured projects. Let’s look at some awesome Rust projects!

💎 1. Deno — Rust Node.js Alternative

Deno is an alternative to Node.js, a Javascript / TypeScript runtime built in Rust and using V8. Thanks to Rust Deno is way faster than Node.js and starts to catch some attention among web developers. Especially since Deno 1.28 it partially supports Node.js packages (npm). The name reminds me always of groceries, because we have Dino chain in Poland 🙂


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💎 2. Tauri — Rust Electron Alternative

Tauri is a system designed to build multi platform applications with web frameworks just like Electron. It supports Linux, Windows and macOS with an emphasis on small size and increased security (obfuscating endpoints etc.). While it’s backend will be possible to be implemented with other languages, currently it uses Rust for that top notch performance. Some competition for Electron won’t be bad at all 🙂


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💎 3. Alacritty — Rust OpenGL Terminal

Alacritty is a multiplatform terminal rendered with OpenGL. It’s still in its beta phase, however it already gained some attention in the software engineering world. Soon I’ll have a terminal for every day of a week 😊


💎 4. Rustdesk — Rust Remote Desktop

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